COVID-19 is still out there!

All it takes is just one person infected with COVID-19 to spread it throughout an entire school or district, infecting dozens of other students, teachers, and staff members. Despite all the measures schools and universities have implemented to help protect students, teachers, and staff members from COVID-19, the reality is sooner or later someone will test positive.

Anyone that has not been vaccinated is at risk of contracting COVID-19. Therefore identifying everyone who has had direct contact with the infected person is vital. Ninex TraceCon™ Emergency Contact Tracing, powered by SCYLLA Technology can determine who has had direct contact with an infected person, allowing school officials to start the isolation and notification process.

Utilizing your existing security cameras

Ninex TraceCon™ cloud-based supercomputer and advanced tracking software can scan hundreds of security cameras and thousands of hours of recorded video, determining who has had direct contact with an infected person throughout an entire school or district. Ninex TraceCon™ works with dozens of network video recorders and camera manufactures, here are just a few.

Emergency Contact Tracing In Hours Not Days

Thousands of hours of recorded video from hundreds of cameras are processed in just minutes utilizing our super computer and tracking software.


All video images are analyzed utilizing Artificial Intelligence Technology, looking for anyone who has had direct contact with the infected person.


Individuals determined to have direct contact with the infected person are processed through Facial Recognition Technology, to determine their identity.


A report listing all detected, at-risk individuals is compiled and sent via encrypted email to school officials to start the notification process.

How it works

We start with an image of the infected person that needs to be traced, along with a school’s pre-recorded security video. Next, we upload that video to our cloud-based supercomputer embedded with SCYLLA Technology & Tracking Software. Utilizing the processing power of our supercomputers, hundreds of cameras, with thousands of hours of recorded video can be processed in minutes looking for anyone that has had direct contact with the infected person.

Who is that

Anyone who has had direct contact with the infected person can be processed through our facial recognition technology to help determine the names of those individuals.

A report listing all at-risk individuals is prepared and sent by encrypted email to designated school officials providing the date, location, and the names of all persons identified facilitating the notification process.

Accurate of facial recognition is based on multiple factors, including the amount of face exposed, position of camera, and quality of image.

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Don't wait until it happens!

Ninex TraceCon™ Emergency Contact Tracing and Ninex TempCon™ Temperature Screening & Compliance Monitoring System/Software, can help your School fully reopen and remain safe. To receive a brochures and additional information just complete this form.

If you had someone infected with COVID-19 on school grounds and need Emergency Contact Tracing. [Click Here]

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